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  • vape kits and the evolution of vaping

    How has innovation evolved vaping technology? What does the future look like?

    Technology and innovation have a huge role in society, certainly within the vaping industry. From the first vaping device to the extensive range available nowadays, this is undeniable. Vapers can choose between an array of products on the market, with features, functions, and flavours for everyone. The evolution of vaping over the last 17 years …

  • the evolution of vaping - facts and fiction

    Why are perceptions of vaping so diverse? What is the truth?

    Globally, vaping has grown massively in popularity since the first modern e-cigarette was created by Hon Lik in 2003. In 2012 the amount of people who vape in Great Britain stood at less than a million. With a huge jump in popularity, this figure reached 3.6 million reported vapers in 2019. Media and news sources …

  • Can psychology explain smoking and how vaping can help you quit?

    Often when thinking about smoking, people consider the physical impact. This may include the nausea and headaches triggered by nicotine withdrawal. Alternatively, the boost in energy or decreased chance of heart attacks caused by quitting smoking may come to mind. But have you considered the importance of psychology, and how the brain reinforces smoking? How …

  • Vaping on Instagram

    Social Media and Vaping

    If you vape, there is a possibility you’ve posted a magical photo with a big cloud of smoke on Instagram, showed off your cloud production skills by blowing circles at your friends or bragged what a nice taste of e-liquid you bought recently. Vaping originally started as a method of social interaction and was first …

  • Recycle E-liquids Eco Friendly

    How to be a sustainable vaper? Can vaping be eco-friendly?

    Even as the smoking rate has gone down, cigarette butts seem to be everywhere – sidewalks, roadsides, beaches, waterways—virtually everywhere we go. As vapers, we’re not contributing towards cigarette butts. Did you know that trillions of cigarette butts are thrown into the environment every year, where they leach nicotine and heavy metals before turning into microplastic …

  • The menthol cigarette ban, the future of smoking and vaping blog

    How the Menthol Cigarette Ban will effect the future of Smoking & Vaping

        Menthol cigs are banned, you can’t get them anywhere, you have the urge to feel this menthol taste…and now what? According to the UKVIA, the menthol cigarette ban that came into force on 20th of May is predicted to lead to a spike in adult smokers switching over to significantly less-harmful vaping equivalents, …

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