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4 for £10 Nic Salts

Mix and match your favourite nic salt e-liquids. From world known Bar Juice 5000 to Elf Bar’s Elfliq and Maryliq, we’ve got it all. This 4 for £10 multi-buy can be redeemed by simply adding any 4 of these liquids to your basket and the discount is automatically applied.

What vape kits can I use with Nic salts?

Yes absolutely you can mix and match. Choose any 4 e-liquids in this category to redeem a 4 for £10 offer. Remember; we offer Free Next Day Shipping with VAPExpress items over £20!

What is a Nic salt, is it different to freebase nicotine?

In it’s simplest form; Nic Salts work in the same way as freebase nicotine E-liquids. They are E-liquid containing Nicotine which can be used in a variety of different vape kits. However, Nic salts are more suited to smaller, lower powered kits whereas freebase nicotine e-liquid is better for bigger, more powerful kits (you may have heard the term, sub-ohm).

Nic Salts have been proven to be far more successful in helping Smokers quit smoking and switch to vaping. This is because they provide a much smoother throat hit at higher nicotine strengths. Nic Salts are also absorbed into the bloodstream faster than Freebase nicotine, therefore providing a more cigarette-like hit.

What vape kits can I use with Nic salts?

If you’re looking to maximise flavour; go for a small, low wattage vape kit which has a coil of 0.8ohm or above. This will maximise coil lifespan and provide fantastic flavour output. You can view best vape kits for nic salts here.

What Nic salts taste like Disposable vape kits?

Due to the rise in popularity of Elf Bars/Lost Marys and all disposables alike, this has been recognised by e-liquid manufacturers to create the same great flavour in a disposable, just in a 10ml bottle.

Being the kind people we are we have made a list of the very best disposable flavoured e-liquids, you can check these out here. Some of the best brands include Elfliq and Bar Juice 5000. PS. These are always on our multibuy offer of 3 for £10!

Should I Choose Freebase nicotine or Nic Salts?

Unless you use a big powerful kit and love a big cloud of vapour, we’d nearly always recommend going for nicotine salts. Great flavour, better at high nicotine strengths and provide a very smooth throat hit. If you’ve got any questions feel free to email our team [email protected] or use the live chat!

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