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    Nicotine Strength

Nic Shots

Nic Shots are designed to add a custom amount of nicotine to your Shortfill E-liquids. They exist because in the UK, ready mixed nicotine e-liquids are only allowed to be sold in 10ml sizes. Nic Shots allow you to customise how strong in nicotine content you want your vape juice to be.

As a guidance, we advise that a 10ml, 18mg bottle of nicotine added to 50ml E-liquid makes a 60ml bottle of liquid with 3mg strength. Still Confused? Get in touch with us here.

What is a Nicotine Shot?

A nicotine shot (or nic shot for short) is 10ml bottle of e-liquid which usually contains 15mg, 18mg or 20mg or freebase nicotine within the bottle. Nic shots are flavourless and have been designed to be added to a shortfill E-liquid.

Most commonly nic shots are used to make a 3mg nicotine mix. This comes from adding 1 18mg 10ml bottle nic shot to a 50ml shortfill and giving it a good shake, like you’re some kind of mixologist at a fancy bar.

What nicotine strength should I use?

If you’re someone who has just quit smoking and has no idea how on earth to navigate the sometimes overly complex word of vaping, here’s a quick table that will help you decide what nicotine strength you should go for:

  • 0 – 5 Cigarettes a day – 1.3mg – 3mg
  • 6 – 10 Cigarettes a day – 3mg – 10mg
  • 11 – 14 Cigarettes a day – 10mg – 15mg
  • 15+ Cigarettes a day – 15mg – 20mg


What nic shots make what strength?

  • 15mg nic shot = 2.5mg mix
  • 18mg nic shot = 3mg mix
  • 20mg nic shot = 3.5mg mix

If you’re someone who’s looking for a slightly stronger e-liquid, you’ll want to go for nic salts. Our range of nic salts can be found here. (don’t worry, we’ll explain what they are too!).

What type of Nic shot should I use?

To confuse us all even more, nicotine shots come in slightly different variations (and no I’m not talking about the strength). We’re talking about the VG/PG of the e-liquid; which essentially is how thick or thin the liquid is. For the simplest answer, I’d always recommend trying to match your Nic shot VG/PG with your shortfill VG/PG.

Nic Salt Shot VS Nic Shot

“What are nic salts?” I hear you murmur at your screen. Nic salts work in the same way as standard nic shots, but they provide a smoother throat hit and the nicotine in the liquid is absorbed into the body faster – therefore even more closely replicating the nicotine hit from a cigarette.

A nic salt shot can be used if you want to go for a lower nicotine nic salt. Stick to as close to a 50/50 e-liquid as possible as this will help with all things flavour & coil life.

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