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Pod Devices

A pod system is a type of kit that has detachable pods, often with different flavour e-liquids that you can detach and replace. Most pod systems you just dispose of the pods and keep changing them to save you having to refill or buy e-liquid.

Pod Devices are suitable for both Beginners and the more experienced vapers. It takes the hassle away from vaping, pods allow for an easy on the go refill or change.

If you’re needing some extra help deciding which Pod Kit to go for, or just looking for general recommendations or help; just click the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to message on of our UK based Vape Experts.

What is a Pod Vape kit?

“What on earth is a pod vape kit?” we hear you ask. Although it sounds like some kind of old-school remote-control car, its essentially a more modernised style of vape kit which has been designed to make refilling your vape kit much easier.

Compared to a standard vape kit; a Pod detaches from the battery part of the vape and reattaches easily with the use of nifty little magnets on the bottom of the pod. Nearly all pod kits allow for easy refilling with the use of a silicone stopper either on the bottom, side or top of the top. Although sometimes can be a bit fiddly, these designs tend to help stop
any form of leaking through the pod.

Pre Filled Pod Kits

Pod kits can come in both prefilled and refillable. You can consider a prefilled pod kit one step up from a disposable, rather than throwing away the whole disposable vape kit every
time you finish one; you simply just throw away the pod (the top part of the kit where you’ll find the E-liquid and coil). An example of a pod kit would be the Elf Bar Mate. A newer addition to the Elf Bar family which helps combat the excess waste that comes from Elf Bars.

What’s the best Pod Kit for Flavour?

When choosing a Pod kit most people will be looking for a few things; flavour production, battery charge and all round feel of the vape kit.  For flavour specifically, the OXVA Xlim 25 Bonus kit, Aspire Flexus pod kit and the Uwell Caliburn A3 easily surpass all kits currently on the market.

Need help Choosing a Pod Kit?

Fear not, our customer service team is live 365 days a year between the hours of 08:00 – 20:00. Our UK based vape experts have also used vaping to quit smoking, so they have been through the same journey as you. Start a live chat now (icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen) to talk to them.

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