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Disposable Vape Kits

Disposable vape kits are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for new vapers to quit smoking for good. Their ease of use, often fantastic flavour and Nic Salt e-liquid make switching incredibly hassle free and convenient. Shop leading disposable vape kit’s from the SKE Crystal to the Elf bar. Disposable kits are perfect for beginner vapers looking to make the switch from smoking and needing something to directly replace cigarettes. Simply use the kit and dispose, no need to recharge or refill e-liquid.

Disposable vape kits have evolved immensely since its traditional E-cigarette predecessors. Improved technology allows for longer lasting battery life, faultless flavour production and a choice of flavours even we sometimes are bamboozled by. Most commonly found in Nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg, disposables offer a solution for heavier, and lighter smokers. The Nic Salts in these kits allow for smooth throat hits to deliver a sought after vaping experience!

What’s the best disposable vape kit?

There’s a few contenders for best disposable vape kit, and ultimately it comes down to personal preference (boring answer, we know) but if you’re looking for a reliable disposable that will deliver on flavour every time there’s no other answer than Elf Bar (at the moment anyway).

Any of Elf Bars products which includes; Lost Mary, Elfa and the P1 Pod kit are all of high quality. All disposables will boast their puff count which can generally be found in the title, anything of 600 puffs is where you want to be aiming.

How long should a disposable vape last?

All disposable vapes are based on a puff count assigned by the manufacturer of the product, this will give you an idea of how long you can expect a disposable to last you. It’s important to remember puffs refer to the same length of puff you would take on a cigarette, so if you’re taking 5 second drags/puffs each time on your disposable it won’t produce 600 of these dragon breathing puffs.

As a disposable vape vaper it’s always worth carrying a spare with you, especially if you’re not sure of how much life it has left!

What Strength disposable do I need?

The most widely available strength for disposables is 20mg which is the highest available strength to purchase here in the UK. 20mg of Nicotine is appropriate for anyone who smoked 13 cigarettes or more daily. Anything less than this it would be worth going for a 10mg option.

Can I refill my disposable vape?

Disposable vapes unfortunately cannot be refilled. They have been designed for single use, so when your kit comes to the end of its life you simply throw it away. Hence the name disposable! The single use nature of disposable vape kits unfortunately makes them extremely unsustainable and pretty costly, so if you wanted to switch to a more economical option have a browse of our refillable vape kits here. (PS you can get the same taste as disposables in these kits).

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