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Infused Amphora Vape Base Charging Stand



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Amphora base changing stand is exclusively designed for your Infused Amphora Vape device using Vessel Brand technology.

The base changing stand offers a contemporary, sexy and sleek design to dock your Infused Amphora vape pen securely and stylishly that will fit in any modern home or office.

All You Need To Know: 

– Weighted base (8 oz.) with non-slip surface pad to keep your vape pen secure- Artistically curved top surface to cradle your device- Includes approved USB to USB-C cable (1 m)

– Dimensions: 4.37cm L x 4.37cm W x 3.66cm H

– Power adapter not included; only use an approved CE/UL certified mobile phone or tablet USB charging block from a reputable brand.

– Intelligent charging; when fully charged, your vape pen automatically stops charging.

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