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TREET 500mg CBD Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10ml


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TREET Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oils are pure, natural, and potent. Their full-spectrum CBD oil comes from U.K. hemp farms, is free from harsh chemicals and additives, and is full of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes to create an entourage effect.

– Third-party lab tested
– 500mg CBD oil-made in the UK
– Terpene and phytocannabinoid rich
– Light and all-natural taste
– Hemp grown under organic standards
– This product contains 0% THC


Hemp Seed Oil
Cannabis Sativa CBD Extract

TREET CBD Oil Drops are small-batch crafted with the highest quality, organic hemp extract and hemp oil.

TREET CBD is extracted from organic, UK-grown hemp and independently tested for quality and purity. As a result, they guarantee that TREET drops contain high-purity CBD with zero THC content, and are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. they take quality control and testing extremely seriously.

Features and Instructions:

STEP 1: Shake Well!! Separation in CBD oil products is completely natural and to be expected as the oil tends to settle onto the bottom.

STEP 2: Squeeze the dropper top to fill the pipette with CBD oil and dispense 2-4 tongue drops of CBD oil 500mg under your tongue. Allow the CBD oil to absorb into your system by holding in your mouth for 60-90 seconds before swallowing.

TIP: If you find the flavour to be too strong, take a drink of juice as you swallow the CBD oil to mask that hempy flavour.

Repeat this process twice a day – TREET recommend two weeks of consistent usage of the CBD supplement at the above-recommended dosage for it to build up in your system and for your body to understand what to do with it. If you feel it’s not working for you after that time and has tried increasing your daily dosage.

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