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  • Can psychology explain smoking and how vaping can help you quit?

    Often when thinking about smoking, people consider the physical impact. This may include the nausea and headaches triggered by nicotine withdrawal. Alternatively, the boost in energy or decreased chance of heart attacks caused by quitting smoking may come to mind. But have you considered the importance of psychology, and how the brain reinforces smoking? How …

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    Vaping 2019 — The Facts, The Fiction and The Future

        As we enter a new year and consequently a new decade, we feel it’s only right to reflect on last year for the vaping industry, possibly a complete turning point for vaping around the world. The Vaping Market in 2019 Whilst it isn’t possible to yet calculate world sales of vaping products for …

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    Which Vaping Kit Should I Use When I First Quit Smoking?

      You aren’t the first to wonder and believe us, you won’t be the last. Vaping, particularly for a beginner can be seriously confusing and difficult to cut through the noise to just find a simple product that works for you based on what you want. That’s why we’re here to break everything down for …

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