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  • what your vape says about you

    What your vape says about you (boy edition)

    Hello and welcome disposable vape lovers. Whether you’re a sucker for a night-out vape, a closet vaper or you’ve decided to switch from disposable vapes to a refillable vape we’ve put you all in different, all slightly offensive yet funny (if I do say so myself) categories. We’ve broken it down by your go to flavour; …

  • A guide to the best low nicotine disposables

    Best Low Nicotine Disposable Vapes

    Disposable vapes have proven to be an extremely effective tool in helping people quit smoking. Their simplicity of design and top-tier flavour provides ex-smokers with the perfect antidote to finally kick that looming dark cloud which has been over them for so long. For as useful as they have been as a quit smoking aid; …

  • best vape kit to replace disposable vapes

    Best Vape to replace Disposables

    Disposable vapes have been a very popular choice for smokers across the globe looking for an easy and hassle free option to quit smoking. Disposable vapes provide a no nonsense approach to vaping, most commonly pre-filled with 2ml of E-liquid, pre charged and ready to vape. If you’ve managed to stumble across this blog, there’s …

  • what is the best elfliq nic salt flavour ?

    What are the best Elfliq flavours? Elf Bar e-liquid: any good?

    After a quick rise to popularity, Elf Bars quickly became the most well known brand when it came to all things vaping in the UK. The main disadvantages of their disposable ranges is the lack of environmental consideration and their costly single-use nature. Elf Bar have released other pod kits such as the Elf Bar …

  • what vapes taste like SKE Crystal disposables vape kits?

    What E-liquids taste like Crystal Vapes? SKE Crystal Nic salts

    Crystal Vapes have been the only serious contender to Elf Bars and Lost Marys that we have seen in the UK. They probably have better flavour than the original Elf Bars, and are at least on par to the Lost Marys. The popularity of the SKE Crystal’s has risen since their release earlier this year. …

  • what are the best vape kits for nic salts in 2023?

    Best Vape for Nic Salts

    Out with the old, in the with new. Long gone are the days of freebase nicotine, 50ml bottles and DIY e-liquids juices (for most people anyway). Disposable vape kits have changed the way the vaping industry for good, and because of this Nicotine Salts (or nic salts for short) have seen a huge rise in …

  • why do disposable vapes taste better than refillable vape kits?

    Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste Better?

    Disposable vape kits have quite firmly found their place within the vaping market, with them now being the most popular form of vaping globally. Disposable vapes carry many benefits for the consumer. With the main reasons for them being a go-to choice being strong flavour and ease of use. Disposable vape kits have really upped …

  • whats the best lost mary elf bar flavour?

    Whats the best Lost Mary Flavour? The Top 5 in 2023

    Lost Marys have quite quickly rose to the top of the disposable vape market food chain in terms of popularity within the last few months. “Are Lost Mary’s made by Elf Bar?” we hear you ask: Yes, Lost Marys are made by Elf Bar. They have the same high quality nicotine salt e-liquid inside to …

  • What nic salts taste like lost mary disposable vape

    What E-liquids taste like Lost Mary? Lost Mary Liquid

    Boom. Elf bar have done it again and made an even more flavourful disposable vape kit; the Lost Mary BM600. Although there is still a large proportion of vapers opting for the original elf bar, the general consensus of the Lost Mary is that the flavour is much fuller, and tends to last right until …

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