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  • IVG Beyond Bar Disposable Vape Kit Review

    IVG (I Vape Great) are one of the most popular e-liquid brands in the world. Their award winning premium juices have been a staple in the UK vaping scene for a long time now. In their latest product line, IVG have ventured into the world of disposable vaping using their expert e-liquid knowledge and unrivalled …

  • elux pro disposable vape review

    Elux Pro Disposable Vape Kit Review

    Elux are cementing themselves as a leader in disposable vaping, rivalling the likes of Geekbar and Elf Bar. Their staple product the Elux Legend was a huge hit in the UK, but now the Legends little brother is on the scene. Introducing the Elux Pro… Key Features of the Elux Pro Disposable Vape Kit Powered …

  • Elf Bar NC600 review

    Elf Bar NC600 Disposable Vape Kit Review

    So if you’re reading this, you probably know what an Elf Bar is. Chances are, you love their flavour and can’t find anything anywhere near as good. Well, we’d like to introduce you to the original Elf Bar’s younger brother, the Elf Bar NC600. At first glance, it surely can’t be much different right? Well, …


    Elux Legend Mini Disposable Vape Kit Review

    The Elux Legend Mini has seriously grown in popularity in recent months and Elux really look to challenge the titans of disposables Elf Bar and Geekbar. This begs the question, can the Elux compare with the giants and how does it perform through a vigorous test? Let’s find out. Key Features of the Elux …

  • 20mg reymonts disposable vape kit review

    Reymont Disposable Vape Kit Review

    The Reymont disposable vape is growing in popularity thanks to excellent flavour and a high puff count. The question is, how does it fare against more popular kits like the Elf Bar and Geekbar and how good really is the flavour produced by the Reymont? We’ve answered all the important questions for you. Key Features …

  • Elf bar mate pod kit review with p1 pods

    Elf Bar Mate 500 Vape Kit Review

    Elf Bar’s have taken the disposable market by storm, quickly becoming one of if not the most popular disposable vape kit available right now. Despite their unrivalled flavour and convenience, it does seem a shame to have to keep buying Elf Bar’s and disposing of them, not to mention it’s not great for the environment. …

  • 20mg Nevoks Bar review

    Nevoks The Bar Disposable Vape Kit Review

    Nevoks “The Bar” is growing in popularity. With a chunky square design, it definitely looks different to a lot of disposable vapes available today, but how does it fair against the most popular devices? Key Features of Nevoks The Bar A short, stubby device at just 10cm tall and 1.5cm wide, The Bar is an …

  • 20mg elf bar review

    Elf Bar Review: The Best 20mg Disposable Vape kit?

    The Elf Bar is arguably one of most  popular disposable vape kits on the market today. As one of the first to enter the disposable game, they established themselves pretty quickly. It’s simple enough to see why people love Elf Bars, and disposables in general. No coil changes, no leaking, no refilling and just chuck …

  • 20mg nasty fix review disposable pod vape kit

    Nasty Fix Disposable Vape Kit Review

    Anything but, the Nasty Fix Disposable Vape Kit is a popular kit amongst new and experienced vapers alike. This nifty little device has some game changing features, a healthy lifespan and great choice of flavours. More on that below. Key Features of the Nasty Fix Disposable At just over 11.5cm tall, the Nasty Fix is …

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